2018 Donors and Sponsors


Thank you to all of the support for the Thomas G. Welch Memorial Scholarship fund this year. The sponsorship’s, donations as well as time donated to support the scholarship was overwhelming. In 2018, we raised roughly $20,000 through generosity of Tom’s friends and family as well as the local business within the community. We held our fourth golf tournament in Tom’s name and it was very successful. The event was fun, with beautiful weather and culminated in a release of balloons with memories of Tom attached.  The event was won by the team of Rich VanGelder, Bob Schaefer, Chris Kellogg, & Will Shera.  In all the event raised approximately $18,000 for the endowment.   Every donation is greatly appreciated.   If you have not been able to donate and would like you can go to www.racf.org and search for the Thomas G. Welch Memorial Scholarship or mail a check to Thomas G. Welch Scholarship in care of the Rochester Area Community Foundation located at 500 East Avenue, Rochester NY, 14607. All donations are tax deductible.

This year’s golf tournament will be held on July 13, 2019 at Livingston CC, Geneseo NY. We hope to see you there. Sponsorship, Raffle, and golf registration forms are attached to this website.  We will also try to keep the Thomas G. Welch Scholarship Facebook page up to date. If you have any questions, contact us via email tomwelchscholarship@gmail.com

2018 Donors

Gold Sponsors ($1000 or more)

  • Mike Willett, Elm Mott TX
  • Skybrook Men’s Golf Assoc. Huntersville NC
  • Susan & Jeff Roberts, Libertyville IL
  • Jon & Linda Shay, Dansville NY

Hole Sponsors ($250 or more)

  • St. George-Stanton Funeral Home, Wayland NY
  • PENN National Boys, Webster NY
  • Mona & Jim Ockenden, Fairport NY
  • Mark & Terri LaBell, Rush NY
  • Greg & Mimi Topping, Webster NY
  • Bob Roberts Family, Dansville NY
  • Dansville Lioness Club
  • Dansville Lions Club
  •  Twig & Allison Terwilliger, Beaver PA
  • Mark Phillips, Provincetown MA
  • Erdman & Anthony, Rochester NY
  • The Welch Brothers and Sisters
  • Sarah Welch
  • Tom Wolanski, Fairport NY
  • DCS Class of 1982
  • Scovill’s Grill, Dansville NY
  • Ramsey Constructors, Lakeville NY

Friends of Tom Welch

  • Dansville Collision, Dansville, NY
  • Bryan Didas, Bumpass VA
  • Mike Fries, Acworth GA
  • Muchler Financial, Dansville NY
  • Carl & Lisa Hindle, Dansville NY
  • Tony’s Pizzeria, Dansville NY
  • Richard Rappa, Penfield, NY
  • Jean & Bill Byrnes, Syracuse NY


  • Bug-A-Boo Honey, Dansville NY
  • Jen and Rob Brushafer, Dansville NY
  • Castlewood (Janice Infantino), Dansville NY
  • Cartwright’s Maple Tree Inn, Angelica NY
  •  John Day, Auburndale FL
  • Renee Voss Dinzler, DePauville, NY
  • Dogwood Trading, Dansville NY
  • Dogwood Floral, Dansville NY
  • Amy and Dean Englert, Virginia Beach VA
  • Mike Englert, Dansville, NY
  • Katie and Chuck Infantino, Dansville NY
  • Terri Labell, Rochester, NY
  • Red’s Custom Glass, Auburndale FL
  • Mike McGavisk, Dansville NY
  • Mill Creek Optical, Dansville NY
  • Marcia and Jim Miller, Dansville NY
  • The Oakes, Geneseo NY
  • Mary Beth Sartorelli, Williston VT
  • Karen and Kevin Sawdey, Hilton NY
  • Marie Spendlove, Rochester NY
  • Bill and Lorri Welch, Dansville NY
  • Gail Welch, Dansville NY
  • Mary Amelia Welch, Dansville NY
  • John & Patti Welch, Rochester NY
  • Joe Smith- Serenity Cellars, Cleveland GA
  • Sarah Welch, Huntersville NC
  • Bill & Lorri Welch, Dansville NY
  • Rushbottom Heights, Dansville NY