Scholarship Information

2018 Winner


Sarah Welch and the 2018 winner, Emily Mehlenbacher

The 2018 Thomas G. Welch Scholarship was awarded to Emily Mehlenbacher (pictured above with Sarah Welch).

“My first semester at Fredonia was challenging and very eye-opening. I have met many new people from different backgrounds that I have learned so much from and have had so many new experiences inside and outside the classroom. I have been thriving academically, even though there have been some successes and failures and a lot of papers of course!  I never have the end in mind because I know I want to be successful in life. Living with people has been an interesting experience but a good one for sure. I have a wonderful roommate along with a great group of suite mates. I lucked out there for sure!  College has been a much better experience so far than high school because I have independence and I can make my own choices in my classes and schedule. Fredonia offers many resources to help their students be successful. I use these resources as much as I can to achieve my highest potential as a student. It’s been a wonderful college experience so far and I will continue to work hard and be successful. I look forward to the next three years.”


Emily Mehlenbacher

SUNY Fredonia 2022


The scholarship was presented to Emily by Sarah Welch at a ceremony at Dansville High School.

About the Scholarship

The Tom Welch Scholarship will award up to $1,000 per year for four consecutive years of college. Only Dansville High School graduates interested in pursuing an education in engineering, information technology, or other technology field are eligible.

How to Apply

If you are interested in pursuing an education in engineering, information technology, or other technology fields and are active in sports, please write an essay about how you strive to be like Tom and why you deserve the scholarship.

To apply, visit the Dansville High School guidance counselor. Applications and information are available through the school or download the application at the link below:

TWMS Scholarship App 2019

Thomas G Welch Scholarship Application 2019 due 5/31/19